Your Maison Common Happy Luxury Summer

Create your very own midsummer night´s dream…


Today´s lunch date is taking place in one of the most beautiful Hotel gardens of Paris, the Hotel Particulier, hidden next to Montmartre. We have a rendez-vous  with the sculpture “Apollo & Daphne” from Gian Lorenzo Bernini at the Villa Borghese. Afterwards we booked a Pizza and Pasta cookery course. Your wedding invitation in July and the fancy holiday dinner in August are worthy of the special MAISON COMMON occasion treatment.

Mrs. Commons feeling for style

No matter what occasion is on your schedule, we provide all you need for demonstrating against the widespread negligence in styling during the hot season. Our summer blouses are easy to wear and play with strong details that celebrate the lightness of life. Especially on elegant occasions: do it like the sun – blend! Count on raspberry-colors and fresh dot patterns. Our dragon jacquard denim turns a simple jeans into a strong look, the ultimate summer dream.