Valentine´s Day is all about big emotions and expectations.

Act 2, Scene 2: Romeo and Juliet´s most famous scene, also known as the balcony scene. Forget about it. It has never happened. Ms. Capulet appears at a window, as the architectural detail of the balcony hasn´t been invented at that point in time, the era of Britain´s Elisabeth the 1st. Hundred years later, Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of India´s Great Mogul, is in expectation of her 14th child and tragically dies while giving birth. Her husband Shah Jahan promises her to build a mausoleum expressing his endless grief. The Taj Mahal made out of pure white marble symbolizes eternal love, ever since.


The classical mythology is full of great love stories. Eros and Psyche, Penelope and Odysseus… Did you recognize that the understanding of love is often a desire of strong men, who wish to possess what they don´t: Beauty and pure grace. In the Middle Ages, the tale of “Tristan and Isolde” builds the basis of the “Amour Courtois” meaning the gentle love built on respect and commitment. Chivalrous, in other words!

Which real or fictitious love story of the near present inspires you? Maybe Richard and Mildred Loving, the first US American mixed married couple who fought for their rights for ten years? Jack and Rose, my heart will go on? Or the one and only Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? The mythology of love is based on a single tiny stone: the 69,42 diamond named after its owners. The stone “Taylor-Burton”, discovered in 1966 in South Africa was the first to be sold for over a million dollars during an auctioning. The actor Burton had first lost his object of desire to the bid from Cartier. One year later, he manages to pick it up during an epic phone call from England to New York, standing in a phone box with a hand full of small change. “Whatever the cost”, he sais and frenetically gives his pence a fling. Simply great, thinks MAISON COMMON!

Mrs. Common´s Feeling for Style – Essential questions for Valentine´s Day


How do I adjust my wardrobe when also being surprised with a diamond?


Business as usual. Don´t hesitate to mix it up with the jewelry you already have. Pair it with your big plastic bangles and a variety of colorful MAISON COMMON looks. I can only imagine one exception that requires wearing your jewelry in an old-fashioned way, presenting it in an honoring position with one hand on your chest: in case of marrying into the royal family and taking your place in the family picture.


What to wear on a romantic Valentine´s dinner?


The romanticism as an epoch is the era of writers and artists who idealized reality and rewrote it like a novel. MAISON COMMON is always romantic. Our pieces are luxurious and handmade. They brighten up every moment. Doesn´t matter if you wear our gorgeous DREAM DRESS or one of our striped cashmere sweaters. Everything is romantic when your feelings are.



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