Rieke Common started wearing design clothes at an early age. Is that eccentric? “My mom sewed every single piece that I liked from Vogue herself!” Rieke Common wanted to wear clothes that nobody else had and that couldn’t be bought elsewhere. A fashion temperament was born!

More is more

After having received her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, Rieke Common initially worked for german brands such as Bernd Berger. With her typical determination, she then aimed for her very biggest dream: 3 years at Oscar de la Renta in New York. This experience is still the basis of her inspiration.

“There was something in the atmosphere. It was the era of “Sex and the City”, which they shot in each and every corner of the city. Crazy was normal: almost usual when you see a golf player playing along 6th avenue at 2.30 in the morning or when having a casual conversation with the real Miss Piggy during a long party night, because your friend is a puppet maker for the Muppet Show…”

Happy Luxury

Back in Munich, Rieke Common spent seven years as head of design for the renowned couture brand Rena Lange, using her creativity and high fashion energy to set new standards. In 2014, she made dream no. 2 come true: her very own fashion brand, uncompromisingly expressing her idea of the perfect “happy luxury” – MAISON COMMON. “My fashion is not made for wallflowers”! It is feminine, brave, optimistic, luxurious, detail loving and always shows a pinch of irony. Grey? Never!

Happiness therapy

Rieke Common herself: thrilling temperament, friend to her employees and inspiring mother of her two children Frida and Oscar. She maintains contact with manufacturers for the finest materials over of all of Europe, that usually exceptionally produce for the “big 5” in Paris. For the enthusiastic Mrs. Common, they specially supply small quantities. One who ever experienced Rieke talk about a special braid or an exclusive MAISON COMMON button might truthfully understand the philosophy of her brand.

Mrs. Common’s sense of style

Special characteristics: would rather die than live without Formentera, liquorice, hydrangeas, the colour pink, her bavarian country house and her signature look: a tulle skirt combined with a tight blazer and husband shirt. Eccentric? Absolutely! Just like her character, her designs are celebrating surprises, crossing borders and breaking traditions.

Rieke Common is living the MAISON COMMON lifestyle!