On the rink, ice skaters are nimbly performing their pirouettes to the music of Dean Martin´s “I´ll be home for Christmas”, carousels seem to be spinning endlessly, here and there a Christmas tree is glancing, skiers are on their way to the valley, children are playing in the snow, a captive balloon is flying above…

Mrs. Common´s fabulous Bavarian Christmas Wonderland

“My father entrusted these to me a few years ago”, she explains as she talks about the special collection of nostalgic booths that adorn the magical Advent fair described above. The decoration does its magic in the dining room whose center of attention usually is the corner bench with its typical Bavarian pillows and curtains, checked in red and white. The spectacular collector´s treasure could just as likely be shining in the shop window of an American department store. It is admired by friends and family.


Every year in early December, the same ritual repeats itself in the Bavarian dream village at the foot of the Breitenstein mountain. The cozy farmhouse is turning into the Common family´s very own Winter Wonderland. Mrs. Common opened her doors for a sneak peek into her hideaway where she usually spends her weekends with the family.

Collecting happy memories

Mrs. Common is enthusiastic about every detail of her Christmas house. It´s the same kind of pure joy that she expresses when commenting her most beautiful, most opulent masterpieces in office. “The big ribbons decorating the Christmas tree really only exist in America!” Rieke Common´s magical Christmas collection gained a lot of inspiration from her journeys to the USA. “The variation of Christmas baubles and ornaments has been collected over decades and tells our family story.” Is there anything comparable to a model railway construction running right through the small top level of the tree? Another engine is making its circles underneath the tree, right where the presents are proudly going to be presented on Christmas Eve.

Do you believe in Santa?

It smells of glühwein, almond cake and chocolate. No matter where you look, Christmas is all around. Gigantic bows just like Maison Common´s iconic bow ties, hunting trophies decorated with baubles and even the wine bottle is wearing a Christmas jumper. Rieke Common explains: “My children, Oscar and Frida might have believed in Santa for a little longer than the others.” Quickly, she adds: “I explained to my daughter that the thing with Santa is just the same with unicorns. Without faith, you don´t get to be pampered by them. They´re simply too preoccupied to convert the faithless. She laughs out loud.

Her generous, creative ideal allows her to dream big. That mindset is reflected in Maison Common, which she founded 7 years ago. The same passion for the smallest details. As we already know: More is more. Less is not an option! MAISON COMMON is cheerful Happy Luxury. Mrs. Common´s look of the day couldn´t be more suitable. She combined a Bavarian cardigan with the Stardust tulle skirt from the Pretty in Punk collection and put a Christmas Alice band from Highstreet on top.

Outside it just started snowing again. Let it snow, let it glow – the perfect coincidence. You are probably asking yourself: What will Rieke Common wear on Christmas Eve?

“Big show, that´s for sure! If Christmas is also your favorite holiday, then share your joy with your loved ones. Beautiful clothing is like being lovingly decorated: fantastic souvenirs for everyone, an expression of gratitude and courtesy! My family´s dress code: tuxedo or dinner jacket and evening wear!”


Mrs. Common’s personal picks for the festive season: